The Road to New York

This time next week, I will be rushing to make sure I haven't forgotten anything. I will have payed the bills for the following week & pray they don't hit the bank before the paycheck. ;) I will not have packed yet. That will wait until late Thursday night. Friday morning, we will get up at the crack at dawn and head to NYC for a 5 day get-away. The path getting there hasn't been easy.

Big D & I tend to do things backwards without a lot of thought. For instance, we knew we had free airfare & hotel so we put those on the backburner. We knew we wanted to go to a Yankees game. Bought the tickets to a Yankees/Red Sox game, no less. Woot for us! We knew we wanted to see a show. That Saturday, we will see Grease with the two actors we voted to win. EEEE! Lamb & I would really like to wear Pink Ladies jackets, but I digress.

After ordering those tickets, we thought we might ought to book the flight & the hotel. Good thinking, huh? We get on the airlines site, order 3 of our tickets no problem. Then we get to Big D. He has a voucher he was given when he graciously changed a flight to make room for others. Only, he didn't read the fine print. He thought he had until the date shown to BOOK his flight. Negative. He had until that date to actually fly somewhere. Oops. We have to go because we bought event tickets AND three flights. Sadly, we had to dip into our spending money. Bleh. We also didn't take into consideration Big D's hours. We have to leave for the airport around the time Big D usually goes to bed. Oops.

Then we move on to the hotel. Oops again. They have availability for all nights, except the 1st. That night they only have a king-sized smoking room. None of us smoke. None of us can stand the smell of smoke. Both kids have extremely sensitive noses & it really plays with their sinuses. We go ahead & book it just because we don't want to sleep on a park bench in Central Park on the evening of the 4th of July. I have a feeling it would not be a good time.

Yep, we do things backwards. Except for shelling out souvenir money, it all worked out. Big D kept checking the hotel and a non-smoking, 2 queen beds did open up. We are cool now.

Up until now, I haven't been all that excited. It just didn't seem real. But now that we have started to map out our days (One day, we are meeting up with my friend, Bear's 4th grade teacher. How cool is that?), I can not wait for this time next week!


Jamie Dawn said...

Yep, you did plan things in a backwards fashion, but it just added more drama to your life. Luckily, it all worked out. I'm glad a non-smoking room opened up because our family can related to the bad sinuses issue.
Enjoy all those fun events!!!!!!!
I'm sure you'll post some pics.
We will be flying to Nebraska next Thursday to spend July 4th & 5th at Blogstock '08. I'll be able to meet several blog buddies there!! Then we fly to St. Louis to spend a few days with my hubby's family.

Bubba's Sis said...

Ya'll will have SO MUCH FUN in the Big Apple! Take lots of pics and miss me lots, K?

Stacey said...

Ummmm D, is it meanie weanie of me to say "hate you...I'm jealous!"?

Okay okay, I love you, I do. I'm envious of this trip, though, it sounds fantabulistic and I wanna come too! But since I cannot, I will be here in Lees Summit praying for all y'all and imagining you're having the time of your lives! ((((YOU)))) xoxo

Library Girl said...

WHEEEEEEEEEEEE, NYC!!! One of my favorite places on earth! Sounds like y'all will have a fabuloso time, even though the flying thing didn't quiiiite work out. I'm sure you're running around like a crazy person getting ready right now. ENJOY!!! :)