I Am An Idiot

No, really, I am. Read my story and you'll agree.

Saturday night, the night of my lovely daughter's 14th birthday, her brother went to a soccer game with his teacher and some other students. They all won a free ticket from the Houston Dynamos for a reading goal. His teacher clearly stated to me: "If you need to reach me, you'll have to call the assistant principal because I have lost my phone." So the AP & I exchanged cell phone numbers.

Around 9:30, I look at my cell phone and notice I had 2 voicemails. I listen to the first one: "D..., I need you to call me on my cell phone." Teacher. My mind races. Why would I NEED to call her? The next voicemail was from my dad. My phone registered only 1 missed call. I figured she called while my dad was leaving his message. Obviously not thinking that HIS voicemail would have been first if that was the case. So, I call Teacher's cell phone. "The customer is not accepting calls at this time." Hmmm.... Does any part of my brain recall the conversation when I dropped off Bear? That would be a negative. So, I try the number again. Now I'm starting to become concerned. I call the AP. No answer but I was able to leave a voicemail.

Big D suggests we start heading to the school. That maybe she called to tell me they were on their way back. All the way to the school, my mind is going to worse case scenarios (car accident, abduction, heat stroke). Cuz, that's what I do. React badly first and then think. I even said to Big D that I was thinking of the absolute worst case scenarios. And he said: "Lil Darlin' (cuz that's what D... stands for), don't you think she'd call more than once if it were something bad?" To which I thought in my head: "Right. How can she do that when clearly she's been abducted as well and they destroyed her sim card so she can't call for help."

We are moments away from the school when my brain engages. Oh wait. Um, yeah. That was an OLD message that never was deleted. Hee, hee. So sorry. Right about that time, the AP calls. Seems that Teacher was all excited that someone called me from her phone. Ugh, no, that would be me being stupid. So sorry. And, oh, by the way, they are stuck in traffic so it'll still be awhile.

Big D was not happy with me. Rather than going home, we headed to Target. Walked in the doors just in time for them to turn off the lights and declare the store officially closed. We then made our way to Wal-Mart because they are always open. It's there that I get the phone call that since we are on the way, they'll just drop Bear off at home. Nope, Big D was not happy at all.
Sigh, I am an idiot. But, hey! Bear came home safe & sound as did everyone else on the adventure.Look,Babycakes! Orange Hair!


Melissa said...

You're not an idiot. You just forget things. It's kinda like I forget EVERY Monday and EVERY Thursday that Brent has karate. At least you only forgot once, right?

Bubba's Sis said...

You're not an idiot. But I can just see Big D's face.

coastie bro said...

HAHA. poor D Big

Stacey said...

Oh my goodness, D, my mind is swimming with all this...I can't keep it straight and it's all right here! So no, you're no idiot, not a chance! Love you..miss you...hate that I've been so loser-blogger-ish. xoxo

Kim said...

I've done things like that before. Glad everything was okay.