How Many Parents Does It Take To Apply a Pore Strip?

Living in the climate that we do is not conducive to healthy, glowing, perfect skin. Lamb is finding this out. The t-zone is now her enemy.

As responsible parents, we feel it is our duty to teach her the ways of popping beastly things on her face. I'm the more timid parent, afraid of doing damage to her tender skin. I like products to do that for me. So, we bought the Biore pore strips.

No problem, right? Suck those bad boys right off her nose. She washed her face. She wet her nose. I applied the strip. We waited 10 minutes or so. I yanked the strip and most of her skin off. We looked. Nothing. Nothing was on the strip. We did what any sensible person would do, we tried again.

She wet her nose. This time, genius that I am, I figured I just used the wrong side. But, really, there is only one side you can use. I ended up wasting a pore strip with that theory.

The next night, Big D decided to try it on himself. When he pulled that sucker off his nose, he had all sorts of lovely things on it. He said the key was to have an incredibly wet nose.

Once again, Lamb washed her face and wet her nose. This time, we made sure it was dripping water. We applied the strip, we waited til it was dry, we pulled it off. And nothing. Nothing was on it. I don't understand! We followed the directions, we did what Big D had done. Why weren't the black heads being removed?! Why????

I decided to try it on myself. I washed my face. I wet my nose. I waited the requisite time. And... nothing. Blah!

With tears in her eyes & a red, irritated nose on her face, Lamb begged me to not try on her again. Because I love her so much, I agreed. Those dastardly things are now her father's beauty treatment.


Patois said...

I'm sorry for Lamb but it makes me laugh that Big D gets to use them.

Bubba's Sis said...

I always think it's kinda cool to see what those things pull out of my skin...

Want me to squeeze Lamb's blackheads? I won't scar up her skin, I promise.

Stacey said...

I love pore strips, I need those now! Poor Lamb, no worries, this will pass. xoxo

Jamie Dawn said...

Ha, ha, ha! I'm not laughing about Lamb; I'm laughing about Big D having his own nightly beauty regimen now.
I bought those a few years ago, and they worked on me. I remember seeing little pods of oily gunk all over the strip.
Maybe you and Lamb have really tight pores that don't want to give up any of their juicy goodness.
Blackheads and pimples are such a curse! I hope Lamb isn't too self conscious about her skin because I'm sure she thinks it looks five million percent worse than it actually does. Both my kids have had to deal with acne, and both my hubby and I did too. Truth is, I still break out with a couple of pimples now & then, especially around monthly time. CURSE it!!!!
The best treatment I've found for treating my mild acne & blackheads is not anything harsh. It is a 2% alpha hydroxy acid liquid which I apply morning and night just after washing my face. I get mine through Paula's Choice online, and I've used it for years. It also comes in a 1% strength. You can go to and read up on it. I found her products years ago, and there are some things of hers that I just love. Prices are reasonable too. I have no connection with the company besides just being a satisfied customer.