10 Television Shows I'd Like on DVD

This was a tad hard for me as I'm not one to put in a dvd and watch a tv show. There are so many shows now that I barely have time to watch; let alone ones I've seen before. Nevertheless, I put my thinking cap on and thought of some that I'd probably like to watch again now and years from now.

  1. Friends (I have seasons 1 &2)

  2. Seinfeld (I have seasons 1,2, & 3)

  3. Sex & the City (I don't have HBO and have only seen a handful, but the ones I've seen have made me laugh!)

  4. Brady Bunch

  5. Happy Days

  6. Lost (we have the 1st season)

  7. Melrose Place or Beverly Hills 90210 or Dallas (good campy shows from my 'youth')

  8. Heroes (for Hubby)

  9. The Golden Girls

  10. Fantasy DVD - soap operas in the supercouple heydays. I'd love to see Luke & Laura's, Robert & Holly & then Anna's, Steve & Kayla's, and Jack & Jennifer's love stories again.


Bubba's Sis said...

We only have 2 the same this week. Altho I almost put Sex & the City on my list. And Seinfeld.

Misty Dawn said...

I am one of the very few people who has never seen Friends. I'm sure I'd probably love it, just have never seen it.

coastie bro said...

mail call

steve and kayala i remember watchin that

D... said...

Oh Pooey. I should have put M*A*S*H on the list. Remember how we would get so excited when that came on? That meant no more yardwork cuz Granddaddy was going inside!

Ahhh, Steve & Kayla....

Um, Misty Dawn, I suggest you get some Friends dvds pronto. GREAT show.

Stacey said...

I would have chosen Friends, and (I know, you didn't ask, but you have to read it anyway) I have some I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, Bewitched, Roseanne and Monk. I'd love to own the complete seasons of them all--I could easily watch them over and over. xoxo

PS--thanks for the birthday wish, and glad you still wanna blog with me even if I am falling apart.

Bubba's Sis said...

I thought of M*A*S*H, too. I think I've seen every one of them anyway!

cjh said...

Oooh, Golden Girls. That's a guilty pleasure of mine.

Anonymous said...

You can catch Sex & the City on TBS.....When I see The Golden Girls I think of Mama, Aunt Alice, and Aunt Zoe..... They considered themselves the golden girls!!
Aunt W