Drama Fest Continued

Today marked the 2nd Drama Fest of the year. This go around the girls' events were poetry, prose, story telling, group acting, and individual improv. Same stakes. If they make all Superiors or 4 Superiors & 1 Excellent, they get the coveted 5 star trophy.

If you recall, last drama fest there was some confusion on what ribbons Lamb actually 'earned'. I prayed last night and this morning that there be no confusion for Lamb. That whatever happened she'd be happy and proud of herself. I called at lunch time to tell her that we were on our way to see the group acting she was performing with BFF and another friend of theirs. She informed me that they both had 3 Superiors already. Woot! When we arrived, she rushed to us all excited because she also got a trophy from the last drama fest (they ran out last fest and they just now got it to them. Still no ribbons tho.). We still don't know what happened. I guess we'll find out when we get the judges' sheets. But, whatever happened, we are so thankful it did. We know in our hearts that she did indeed earn that trophy.

They did such an awesome job on their group acting. I could have cried I was so proud.

We had some errands to run. And frankly, after the last event, it's not fun to hang around waiting for the awards. Surrounded by junior high kids isn't as much fun as it sounds. And during the wait, each school performs group lip syncs. So we did what any sane parents would do. We hugged the girls, told them how proud we were, and said we'd see them when they got off the bus at school.

I was a nervous wreck waiting to hear from Lamb. I had one text message from her saying that her old 5th grade Math teacher was her judge for her last event. That's pretty random, huh? What's even more random is that his father passed away earlier in the week. Lamb knew the event would be at the school he teaches at now so she wrote him a note expressing her sympathy. She was hoping she'd be able to find his room to leave it for him. Not only did she find his room, but she saw him. It can be a small world sometimes.

But, that was all the text said. Nothing about how she felt she did. Nothing about any awards she might have received. A.Nervous.Wreck. I was.

Finally the bus pulled up. I saw BFF walk off. Trophy in her hand. Whew. Then I saw Lamb walk off. Trophy in her hand as well. WHEW!

These girls never cease to amaze me with their talent. I am always so proud of them. They rock.


Bubba's Sis said...

They do rock. I'm so proud as well!!!!!

Patois said...

Congratulations to Lamb! She must be so proud of herself. Obviously, you are, too.

Misty Dawn said...

I was over here reading this and cheering out loud! Yay for them. I can only imagine how proud you are!

Stacey said...

LOVE THAT! D, you and B/S have these little super-children that intimidate me! I think they could smell small-town, no-culture from the Arkansas borderline! (HEHE)

Ahh well, I'm still gonna bring MO to you or vice versa. One of these days. Be scared, my friend. xoxo

Library Girl said...

You go, girls! And you go, Mom, for being so supportive and wonderful! Thanks for stopping by, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the Twilight Universe! It can really pull you in! Hee Hee, another convert! =)

Anonymous said...

Lamb and her BFF are VERY talented! You go girls!!