A Coast Guard boat in New York Harbor

This was taken by my mom when she went on a vacation to Nova Scotia several years ago. I loved it so much that I scanned it for myself.

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coastie bro said...

yes this is a nice pic. but i feel so unloved now. you could not have gotten a better pic of a boat than this? I am hurt. if the spoon was not in the mail i think i would have taken it back to teh store. i feel so betrayed.
i am at a lost for words. i really do no tknow what to say after this blog. i think i might even boycott this blog.

coastie bro said...

o by the way why is it i have to get a snicker doodle cookie from a total stranger and not from my family?

D... said...

Dude! What are you talking about??? There is a cool Coastie boat showing right now.

Who sent you snicker doodles? And why hasn't my family sent me any either? Sucks to be us. ;)

Misty Dawn said...

That last photo is really awesome - love it!

coastie bro said...

ha your are to funny. i had my eyes checked recently that was not there before! you turkey

Stacey said...

I can see why you'd scan this--is it framed? It's quite a nice picture--I'd probably frame it, girl.

Snickerdoodles--I need me some snickerdoodles too! I learned to make some in 4-H and have been hooked on snickerdoodles ever since! Tell your brother I will send him one if I don't eat them all...wait..nvm, I'll probably eat them all. Sorry coastie bro. I have no willpower.

D... said...

It is framed. I actually ended up with the original. Yay me!

Don't feel too bad, I would have no willpower either with a plate of snickerdoodles in front of me.

Anonymous said... I have to make snickerdoodles! Great pics! I seem to be back to anonymous again. Google says my user name and password don't match anymore. Hmph.


D... said...

That is weird about your user name/password.