10 Things That Worry Me

My husband says I worry too much. Think he's right?

  1. Bear being tested for G/T

  2. How Lamb will react to it if he's accepted

  3. money, always

  4. Lamb's adjustment into her teenhood

  5. both children all the time on a continual basis

  6. Big D's health (so far he's perfectly healthy, but I worry all the same)

  7. the kids I work with, worry both academically and their home lives

  8. my health, I'm a hypochondriac wannabe

  9. my house catching on fire

  10. my family, my friends and their families, especially the ones going thru a crisis

So, basically I worry about a lot of stuff that I have no control over. ;)


Misty Dawn said...

I worry about EVERYTHING. My husband says that if I didn't have something to worry about, I couldn't survive.

Bubba's Sis said...

We have a lot of worries in common. And #11 on BOTH of our lists should be never getting apple pie again.

Patois said...

Man, I'm with you. Talk about a downer of a day! Glad Yano never posted the link for us or else I'd be even more depressed.

coastie bro said...

your number 8 is just like your father. you are just like him he is a worried wart. he is so worried about his new tv and his new house. he does not want to g=leave his old tv. he asked me all day what would be a better tv to get. like father like daughter

D... said...

Oh! I don't think you even want to talk about who's most like daddy, junior. ;)

I figured it'd hurt him to leave his tv!

Stacey said...

Reads as if you love your family so much, D. If you didn't, you wouldn't worry at all. But stop that worrying (as if I do!) xoxo