Young Love

Bear has a crush. I don't think it's a serious crush; after all, he's only 10. And because I think that, I have the luxury of thinking this is cute. What I find cute is that Bear is asking questions trying to figure out what girls mean when they do certain things. For example:

Bear: Mama, what does it mean when a girl laughs because you hit your hand on a clipboard?
Me: Well, it depends. What kind of laugh was it? Was it like a giggle or like a snort?
Bear: Does it make a difference? How can you tell what kind of laugh it was?
Me: (think vocal examples)
Bear: I guess it was like a giggle.
Me: Oh, then she thinks you are being cute.
Bear: Hmmm....

Last week, the crush was star student. On Fridays, everyone signs the Star Student's Friendship poster. Bear was crushed that he forgot to do that before it was laminated. I came up with the clever idea of writing it on a sticky note. He could tell her he was sorry he forgot but she can stick his note to the poster. He thought I was brilliant! I told him he could say that he thought she was cute. He didn't find me so brilliant with that one.

Bear: Uh, NO! Then she'd know I liked her. And what if she doesn't like me? I can't embarrass myself like that. *I* have to know first.
Me: Oh, dear sweet Bear, you are the boy. I'm afraid you are destined to have to be the one to make the 1st move. There will be aggressive girls. And you might like them. However, more than likely, the girl you like will be waiting to get a sign from YOU. These years coming up are the awkward, learning years.
Bear: Great. Well, not this time. I'm not writing that.

We compromised and he wrote that he was happy she moved here so he could get to know her. And, oh, Go Longhorns! He still hasn't given her the note. He now wants me to give it to her mom (she's our assistant principal).

But, he did take a huge leap of faith. Today, at recess, he found a moment alone with her. He told her that he liked her. She had no response. He doesn't know if she heard him, was grossed out, didn't know what to say, or embarrassed. He's ok with it though. Like I thought, this is more a 'learning' crush.

Having a son might not be so bad after all. So far, it's been kinda fun!


Misty Dawn said...

Awww how sweet. I hope she likes him back ;-)

coastie bro said...

i hope she not an A&M fan.

Stacey said...

I know, it is fun! We get into the little tiny heads of the boys we never understood back then! xoxo