Young Love Update

This morning while taking Bear to school (I'm taking the day off, woot), I got the Crush scoop. (Coastie Brother, I think she likes all the TX sports teams but Texas Tech is her favorite & Longhorns her least favorite. )

Anyway...During art, Crush's BF asked Bear if he wanted to know who liked him. Bear, being all macho, shrugged his shoulders and said "Sure." Crush was acting like she didn't want BF to say a word. So BF waited til she & Bear were alone to tell him that Crush likes him a little bit. He was pleased. Oh yeah, and another girl likes him too.

Record scratch... Hold up... Two girls?


Stacey said...

Oh dear....I daresay you are in for a ride, D!

Misty Dawn said...

Ahahaha - two girls, eh? Oh my that Bear is gonna be a heart breaker!
I have given you another award and I think this one is extra special - come pick it up at my blog!

Patois said...

Way to go Bear! And way to go on getting the scoop.

Bubba's Mom said...