This is quite an easy task for me to ferret out. My hubby and son LOVE the color orange. I have tons of pictures of them wearing their favorite color. However, this is MY favorite picture representing orange. This is a piece of art that sits outside a lawyer's office (that is not a building but rather a train car, very interesting) that we see every time we go to an Astros game. The first time we saw it, Bear, who was maybe 5, proclaimed "That's MY Mama!" I can assure you that it is indeed not me. There is absolutely no resemblance. But Bear will tell all and sundry that it reminds him of me.


coastie bro said...

i can see the resemblance

Bubba's Sis said...

Every time we drive by there I say, "There's D!"

You think it's the boobs?

Anonymous said...

I love orange too! Especially pink and orange together. Bear will be glad to know that D.S. picked out a Burnt Orange colored jacket the other day. I totally thought of Bear!