Rated R Due to Strong Language

Big D has a temper. It doesn't come out often, but when it does, ooooh boy. Last night, it happened to come out. Ty, our Belgian Malinois, is terrified of thunder and rainstorms. Unbeknownst to us until late last night, he was so scared while we were out that he wet all over our laundry room. Very odd place for him to do that, btw. He doesn't go out that door to do his business in the backyard. After the kids were all snug in their beds but before visions of sugar plums danced in their heads, Big D went in to do a load of laundry. He stepped in something wet. He was irritated but ok. All of sudden, I hear this racket. I go to investigate and it's Big D throwing a hissy fit. It was bad folks. It would seem that the clean-up on aisle 5 was worse than originally thought. I was trying to calm him down when I hear giggling beside me. Bear's room is right beside the laundry room. Trying to get Bear to realize it was inappropriate to laugh, I hear more giggling down the hallway. Lamb is now in on it too. I throw up my hands and leave everyone to their giggling and hissy fit throwing.

This morning dawned with Bear all excited about his daddy's hissy fit. Mama! He was saying A LOT of bad words. How many times do you think he said each one? Oh, I can't wait to write about this. Screeeech. That's the record player stopping. Bear! You will NOT use this as a small moment. He was all, don't worry, I won't use the real words. I'll use the symbols like they do in cartoons. Me: I repeat, you will NOT use this in writing, do you understand? $@#%^&@#$ Terror struck my heart.

This afternoon on the way home from school still had Bear all excited about the hissy fit. He's still planning on writing about it. He even made a song about it. "Big D and the hissy fit. Bad words with devil horns." He thinks it'll be turned into a movie. Rated R for strong language, not violence.


Bubba's Sis said...

LOL!! I SO wish I could have been there for that!! Poor Big D.

If Bear spent more time over here he might not be so shocked with all that &#)#*&@*#&(*$#!! profanity.

coastie bro said...

o please stop it. you are to funny. your life is to much like a comodey movie. this can not be true. first off i do not see Big D throwing a hissy fit. men do not throw hissy fits. but beside that this is classic. hey you think you can record the song and e mail it to me. it sounds priceless.

D... said...

Coastie Brother, you've got mail! Hopefully it'll work.

Stacey said...

Yeah, that'll do it! I can so see John doing the exact thing if he were in that circumstance!