In honor of Halloween and since it's 10 on Tuesday, here are 10 of my favorite costumes my chickadees have worn.

1994: Pea in a Pod - Lamb

1995: Tinkerbell - Lamb

1998: Tigger and Mulan (check out the lovely make-up, snort) This was our 1st Halloween in Texas. Poor Bear was quite unhappy. We were used to COLD Halloweens and this one was a scorcher. Check out Hubby in shorts and poor Bear in the thick, heavy, fur costume. Yeah, happy he was not.

1999: Steve (Blue's Clues) and a Zebra

2000: Power Ranger and Bubbles the Powerpuff Girl

2002: Fairy Princess and Skeleton

2003: Olympic Gold Gymnast and The Cat with the Fiddle

2004: Grecian Princess and Astronaut

2005: Flapper and Darth Vader

2006: Russian and Juliet

This year the plan is for Lamb to be a Vampire Cheerleader with her BFF and Bear will be a Clone Trooper from Star Wars. He *really* wanted to be Boba Fett but when we found his size, the mask was missing. Maybe next year.


Misty Dawn said...

Oh NO - I was going through your post and ohhhhing and ahhhhing and smiling... and then... I can't see 2002 on... nothing... just little red boxes!!! I truly love the pea in a pod costume though - so adorable!

coastie bro said...

same hear. i can not wait to see the clone troper. Pumpkin is a goth fairy adn Bucephus is a GI Joe pilot.

D... said...

Dang! It should be all fixed now. Sorry about that. :(

Oooo, goth fairy and GI Joe. Perfect choices! Can't wait to see a pic of them.

I'll post the clone trooper pic tomorrow.

Bubba's Sis said...

I love the pea in the pod!! Some of those pictures look really familiar........

Stacey said...

These are GREAT! I love 'em. I think the flapper girl is my fave, but really they're all pretty good. Happy Halloween, D! xoxo

Patois said...

Okay, so I'm looking through them, and the one saying "Fairy Princess" confuses me. 'Cause what's with the lamb head. Yeah, it took me two pictures to figure it out.